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Meet the Simmons Family

HSS Farms is owned and operated by Haywood Jr. and David Simmons, the proud sons of Haywood Sr. and Leanitta.  The land that we inhabit today is the creation from four (4) generations of resilient

family farming for survival.  Our Great Grandparents Horace & Willie, better know as Big Pa and Big Ma, desired to acquire land and provide a place that their lineage would call home for years to come.

Having experienced orphanage as a child and being moved from family to family, this land was a

dream come true for Big Ma.


The lush lands of HSS Farms are nestled within the boundaries of two (2) major riverbeds referred to as "The bottom". The bottom and other flats along the property are known for producing organic and sustainable farm fresh foods such as succulent native muscadine grapes, an abundance of watermelon varieties, a plethora of local blackberries along with other seasonal produce.

At HSS farms, we continue to value our responsibility for produce healthy living food that nourish the body while maintaining a positive impact on improving the environment and our Eco system.  We are committed to creating a culture that gives back to our community, so we have established a vast variety of ways for our clients and friends enjoy this land and call this place home as well. 

HSS Farms is honored to welcome you. 

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